Said about Druds Juletango

Mette Sønderholm
It was a great pleasure to experience Druds Juletango due to the nice, warm-hearted and cosy atmosphere. Tasty, healthy and varied delicious food – and Hurray – rich cakes for the most needed coffee breaks after inspiring, challenging and educational workshops. The instructors are top motivated and extremely skilled. The dancers are lovely people, which also enjoy dancing on the Milongas in the beautiful surroundings. Everyone is sleeping in excellent, modern furnished rooms. Everything steered with the warm, generous and loving hand of the lady herself. I will definitely be back.

Mette Bang
When I from time to time think of quitting tango, I just recollect the atmosphere at Druds Juletango, and then I hurry up to polish my shoes, refine my steps and creep into one of my dresses. If you think tango is addictive, just try Druds Juletango. You get SO much tango and SO much more. Wow, all the relationships in the nicest, funniest, most beautiful environment. You just want to stay there forever  …

Phie Skovgaard
Drud is capable of creating a special setting, an easy-going atmosphere and an entertaining mood. She can really create an air of cheerfulness. One simply gets into a tango bubble for a few days – afterwards you feel like having been on a long, beautiful holiday. I’ve been joining Juletango on several occasions and besides a lot of good dances and tango lessons, I enjoyed myself and felt really comfortable. And then Drud is quite funny ❤ In 2017; the coolest, wildest and most odd Costume Ball ever – weird’ and MEGA funny. And the food – it’s more than okay – the top – also for vegetarians!

Ole-Mikael Sørensen
Drud is the world’s most beautiful, funniest, craziest and coolest tango mama, who offers workshops and tango parties at Denmark’s most exquisite dance floor. What’s not to like?! And where else can you dance tango with Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh and the Black Widow from a scary movie at the Tango Costume Ball? Druds mood and weird sense of humor have a great impact on the participants and create a relaxed mood. Crazy whims from everyone are just happening. The fact that everyone is sleeping on the spot and doing nothing else but dancing tango and enjoying Druds delicious food makes it possible to park the real world completely and just go with the flow in a huge tango bubble.

Suzanne Evans
Druds Juletango is an anchorin my tango life – almost a tango ritual forever. I love being in Randers to dance until the feet glow. More than 10 years has elapsed. The food is always delicious, extremely interesting and all that the body needs. At Druds Juletango, I’ve danced my very first tango steps and I’ve grown up under Tango Mama’s hilarious management. You risk to get killed in the Buenos Aires Serial Killer Game, which sends you to Hell where Drud will serve you tasty rum from Barbados, free cigs and chewing gums. The tango instructors are always professional, always friendly and always deeply stimulating and inspirational. It’s tango sport, dance freedom, time for friendship and love and absolutely crazy. I am certainly not going to miss it ever.