Diego Riemer &
Natalia Cristobal Rive
are teaching advanced level

El Pajaro y Natalia by Prischepov

El Pájaro y Natalia are Argentine tango dancers, who are well-acclaimed all over the world for their creativity, elegance, fine musicality, and superb teaching. They combine to dance an intensive tango refined and enriched with continuous research of new and original movements respecting the foundations of the classical roots.

Diego “El Pajaro” Riemer, multifaceted artist in dance, music, design and advertising, begins the tango in Buenos Aires, his hometown where he takes form with Maestro Tito Molinari and learn from the “old” dancers. Afterwards gave perfection to his skills with various professional dancers during the ’90s. Later off to Europe and settled first in Berlin and then in Lyon where as an autodidact develops his successful international career with different partners, becoming a reference and inspirer to many dancers, particularly for his creativity and musicality in tango, for his way of dancing milonga and by humor and debauchery applied to his choreography.
As a former drummer, explores the rhythms of tango, vals and milonga in a very personal style. Owner of a unique and original musical expression in his dancing and improviser for excellence, is internationally recognized and sought for his exploration of the traspié, walks and turns with enrosques and lapices, and tango with man behind the woman. Besides its elaborate technique and its pedagogy for transmitting Tango and his culture.

Natalia Christóbal Rive
 embodies the current tango dancer, playful, skillful and precise legs to decorate the movement in music, using these elements to interpret and enrich the guidance on time and rhythm. She is part of “the new generation of Porteñas” who have inherited the traditional embrace, closed, adding the evolution of recent years.
Since childhood, Natalia practiced ballet, later contemporary, modern jazz, salsa, flamenco and other Latin dances. Finally came the passion for tango which she is practicing now for over 15 years. She has got a long teaching experience acquired in all this years performing on stage and dancing in the milongas. She has been part of various international companies as a dancer, also in the most prestigious tango houses in Buenos Aires, show performances at festivals and milongas.Because of her experience she was called upon to participate twice as jury of the Tango international World Championship.
In her dance she favors elegance in Salón style and in the Stage a more spectacular Tango, thanks to her great technical qualities.

German Cuestas & Eva Lehrmann are teaching intermediate level

eva og german

Germán Guestas started dancing as a teenager growing up in Buenos Aires, and has since then dedicated his life to tango and music. He has a degree as a music school teacher, but works mainly as a tango dancer, teacher and tango Dj. When in Buenos Aires he also forms part of the team of El Motivo Tango (Club Villa Malcolm, Buenos Aires). He has worked with tango in Argentina, all around Europe and in Russia.

Eva Lehrmann has been dancing varios types of dance most of her life, however it wasn’t until she met the argentine tango she dedicated herself to dancing. She met tango en Denmark during her university studies, Aesthetics and Culture. After the university she moved to Berlin. The Berlin tango scene swept her off her feet and led her to continue her travels to Buenos Aires, where she stayed for several years and still spends part of the year.

Germán and Eva met each other in Buenos Aires where they worked together in El Esquinazo tangostudio as part of a small team. They have worked together several times in Denmark, and have recently formed partnership based in Copenhagen, from where they travel to work in and outside of the country, around Europe, Argentina and Russia. In their teaching they go deep into the importance of technique to better the connection and contact within the couple. The music most never be forgotten, we might change partners but we also follow, interpret and connect with the music.

Brian Falk & Lotte Thrane are teaching at the Flea Market Day


Brian Falk & Lotte Thrane have been dancing tango together for more than 18 years with great dedication and passion. They live and breathe for the tango and run Jylland’s largest tango school Tango Malevaje. They also arrange workshops with outstanding Argentinian dancers, and today they are internationally renowned for their tango events. Brian & Lotte have explored the potential of tango from many angles and are inspired by several legendary, Argentinian maestros like Gustavo Naveira and Chicho Frumboli. Their dance education combines their own experience with a big profit and a simple and clear structuring of the dance.

How to define your dance level

You are fully prepared for to compose the figures and control how you work with the music. You are one of those who one notice as a dancer on the floors. You master most of the tango steps such as colgada, volcada, enrosques, planos, circular and linear voleos. Your lead is precise, dynamic, musical and comfortable. You follow and express yourself actively with your movements, and your embrace is present and soft. Diego Riemer & Natalia Christobal Rivé take care of the advanced dancers.
You have already been introduced to boleo, sacada, giro and gancho. Expressions like parallel and crossed systems should not be surprising to you. You are well in both open and close abrazo and have varied musicality. You have danced a lot at the milongas for at least about 2-4 years. Germán Cuestas & Eva Lehrmann teach intermediate.
The Flea Market
The Flea Market Day Saturday the 29th of December is for everybody. All the participants can surf among teachers and themes, and you don´t sign up due to your level. More info on the first day.