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Keep Calm. The New Year’s Tango Party 2019 is home safe.
Drud´s New Years Tango Festivalito 2019 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark at Tango Bar, Njalsgade 23D, 2300 Copenhagen S from December 30th at 12 and ends when the last tango dancer crawls home on New Year’s night at 04 o’clock. It´s gonna be a blast!

How to sign up
Please scroll down and follow the link to the application form. After a few days you will receive an email saying wether you are lucky enough to get in or you are on a waiting list, which might occur to keep the balance fifty fifty between leaders and followers. Later I will send you an email with the payment information.

Write an email to birgitte@druds.dk if you have any questions at all.

snacks nytårs tango
Snacks when you are feeling a little peckish at Drud´s New Year Festivalito 2019

Prices Pre-sale
-> SOLD OUT Full Package. All milongas December 30th and 31th.
Brunch on December 30th. Bubbles 2 minutes before the New Year, Cake and New Year’s Eve Late Night Meal. 500 dkr
-> December 30th. 12 – 2. Brunch, Afternoon and Evening Milonga. 300 dkr
-> December 30th. 12. – 2. Brunch. Afternoon Milonga. 225 dkr
->  December 30th. 8. – 9 Drop Inn Class Chacarera. No partner needed. No signing up. 150 dkr cash.
-> December 30th 9. 30 – Evening Milonga. 125 dkr
-> SOLD OUT December 31th Evening. Includes a glass of bubbles, Danish Marzipan Cake and New Year’s Eve Late Night Meal. 200 dkr

Application Form here

Please read carefully
When signing up, note that some milongas in pre-sale can be sold out or be
withheld to ensure that the leaders-followers balance is approximately fifty-fifty and that the number of participants can dance properly at the dance floor during the days.
I will email you a confirmation after your registration stating whether you can acquire your ticket.
The confirmation email will show you how to pay.
Unfortunately you will not get back your payment if you cancel.
Small minor changes in the program might occur. Tiny small minor changes.