Drop Inn Class. Chacarera. With Diego Denett

denett 1

Mid October I meet Diego Denett at Tromsø Tango Meeting – Northern Lights Edition 1 and did a Drop Inn Class in Chacarera. I learned how to dance the passion of Chacarera. It was a great experience and fun too thanks to Diego Denett.
“The magic and challenge of chacarera, is to feel a deep and passionate connection between two persons trough eye contact. It is very elegant and fun where the couples tries to get closer to each other by dancing in circles, but always remaining at a respectful distance”
Just show up….it´s gonna be fun
Join Diegos Chacarera Drop Inn Class December 30, 8pm at Druds New Year Tango Festivalito, Njalsgade 23 D, 2300 Copenhagen S.
You don´t have to bring a partner or sign up. You just have to bring with you 150 dkr. Everyone is welcome.
About Diego Denett
Born in Buenos Aires, an Argentine tango dancer & teacher. He is known as a dedicated teacher who inspires people to dance, through technical skill, but also through transmission of his own enjoyment, happiness and beautiful energy in dancing. After years of own studies of tango, he started a personal search for the elements he considers fundamental: “elegancia, caminata y la respiracitón” (elegance, walking and breathing) as a base for a deeper and more passionate communication, all in one safe and closed embrace “Corazón a Corazón ” Currently dividing his time between living in Rome and travelling around the wold for teaching.