Druds Juletango 2018

Tango Ball Scandinavian Design College, Summer 2009

December 27 – December 31
Arrival from 14:00 Thursday December 27 with coffee, tea and sandwiches. The first workshop will start at 16:00. Departure Monday, December 31 after brunch.

Full Packet or TangoPass
You can sign up for a full packet including 4 workshops December 28, 29 and 30 and 1 workshop on the arrival day December 27. You can sign up without any workshops (TangoPass) and enjoy the afternoon and evening milongas. On december 29 the TangoPass dancers can buy some workshops at the Flea Market day.

Signing up for a Full Packet or a TangoPass everything is included. Lodging, bedding, meals, milongas, coffee and tea all day long. Just bring your shoes, toothbrush and some extra money to spend in the bar.

Please visit the milongas if you haven’t signed up for all the fun

Juletango Ball Friday the 28th of December. The great tango instructors will perform. Enjoy some snacks, cheap drinks at the bar and lovely atmosphere. Dance Dance Dance until late in the night. If you bring a sleeping bag and a mattress you can spend a couple of hours sleeping and have brunch Saturday morning. Doors will open at 21:30. Entrance Fee 150 Dkr including night food.
Carnival / Costume Tango Ball Saturday 29th of December. Everyone must be dressed up as weirdly as possible this evening. Go crazy and become a moviestar, street sweeper, Batgirl or invest in a pink wig. A single mustache or two will also do. Doors opens at 21:30. Entrance Fee 70 Dkr.
Goodbye Juletango Ball the 30th of December. Before ending the madness, there is no doubt all will have fun this last night. Expect fireworks, sparklers and a lot of nice tandas. Doors opens at 22:00. Entrance Fee 70 Dkr.
The Afternoon Milongas. December 28th, 29th and 30th you are invited to join the afternoon milonga from 16:00. You decide the Entrance Fee. 


By the way: Sorry, but apparently I lied last year.

In 2017 I said, I would´t arrange any more Druds Juletango Festivals. Never ever. Sorry, but now I must admit, that I am simply too much in love with you and Juletango to quit the fun. Let´s go crazy and go for at least one more Juletango in 2018.